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An iPhone is required to get the new Apple Watch with LTE connectivity working

The $399 Apple Watch Series 3 is the latest and most significant update to Apple’s line of smartwatches for one important reason: LTE connectivity. With a cellular connection, users are able to

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Hands On: This is the Apple Watch’s most important update yet

Apple just upped its smartwatch game in a huge way. The Apple Watch Series 3 is the biggest and most consequential update to date. By adding LTE connectivity, Apple has

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The Apple Watch Series 3 will transform a lot of workouts

Apple’s played it a bit cautiously for the last few Apple Watch upgrades — like many companies, it no doubt understands the limitation of the smartwatch form factors. They’re small,

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Apple Watch Series 3 to Feature LTE and New Form Factor

Apple’s third-generation watch, slated for release later this year, will have an all-new form factor that includes an LTE chip for cellular connectivity. The report comes from Bloomberg, which cites people

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Here’s what the new Apple Watch’s swim-proof speaker looks like

  Apple touted the speaker on its Apple Watch Series 2 as the key to the Watch’s swim-resistance. The speaker intentionally fills with water when submerged and then uses sound

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