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Valentine’s Day comes to ‘Pokémon Go’ with bonus Candy

Love is in the air for Pokémon Go fans. Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and Niantic will celebrate the Hallmark holiday with a new in-game event. You

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‘Pokémon Go’ will serve up free goodies on Christmas Day

More like Pokémon Ho-Ho-Ho, amirite? December has already brought more Pokémon to more places (including Apple Watch), but developer Niantic has one, last treat. And it’s a festive Christmas surprise.

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Pokemon Go Accessory Release Date Pushed to September

HIGHLIGHTS The accessory connects to your phone via Bluetooth The wrist accessory vibrates and flashes its LED light for alerts Accessory will help users save their phone’s battery life It

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Pokemon Go Items Explainer the Game Should’ve Shipped With

HIGHLIGHTS Some items are only available through the shop It’s not useful spending money on most items Lucky Egg and Incense should be used together While the Pokemon Go craze

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Five Things Not To Do In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is love. Pokemon Go is life. Pokemon Go will destroy your phone’s battery life. While you’re out and about trying to catch ’em all, here are a few

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