April 18, 2024

Google Flights will now tell you when a ticket will get more expensive


The holiday season is getting close, and that means that a lot of people will be traveling in the near future. To help make that traveling easier, Google is improving its Google Flights offering.

Google Flights will now show you when prices for flights are expected to increase and how much it’s expected that they’ll go up. After you select a specific flight, you may see a notification that’ll tell you when the current fare is expected to end and how much it’ll likely go up.


You can also get fare change notifications for multiple flights. When you’re looking at a route with many different flights, you might see a notification that’ll tell you how to get the best price, including tips for alternate routes and dates as well as when fares are expected to increase.


If you’re not ready to buy right away, you can track a specific flight or route and have Google Flights email you when prices are expected to change.

Google is also making it easier to track and manage saved flights on your phone.

Also getting improved today is Google’s hotel search. Google already alerts you when a hotel’s price is lower than normal, but now you can search specifically for deals to get a feed of low prices.

Google’s hotel search will also let you know when savings for loyalty club members are available.

Do you use Google to search for flight or hotel prices?

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