May 21, 2024

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus UK tariffs and deals compared


We compare the best mobile contracts and tariffs for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus (S8+) handset, including a range of monthly offers from providers such as Three, Virgin Mobile and Sky Mobile.

The Galaxy S8 Plus is an even bigger version of the already-pretty-large Galaxy S8 flagship phone from Samsung. This 6.2-inch beast packs some incredible specs and features, as you’ll see over in our hands-on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review, making it one of the most enticing smartphones of 2017.

If you’re tempted to pick up Samsung’s monstrous mobile for yourself, then check out our round-up of the best Galaxy S8 Plus UK deals. Here we compare the tariffs offered by the biggest UK providers, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible value for money.

The following S8 Plus pricing schemes and contracts include up-front handset cost, monthly cost, amount of data available each month and any other extra bonuses that are bundled along with the phone.

Check out our Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus hub for all you need to know aout these flagship phones.

Best UK tariffs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: O2

O2 is offering the Galaxy S8 Plus on a selection of O2 Refresh tariffs, complete with plenty of perks.

The Yearly Upgrade Programme means you can trade after just 12 months, while O2 is also offering a free JBL Flip 4 speaker (worth £119.99) to customers. And when you’re an O2 customer you can also enjoy benefits like O2 Priority (which gives you discounts on goods and services as well as first dibs on concert tickets) and unlimited music streaming via the likes of Spotify (on certain contracts).

O2 contracts for the S8 Plus include:

  • £79.99 upfront, then £52.00 a month for 3GB of data
  • £49.99 upfront, then £56.00 a month for 5GB of data, plus free music streaming
  • £9.99 upfront, then £60.00 a month for 10GB of data, plus free music streaming and Yearly Upgrade Programme

Check out O2’s Galaxy S8 Plus webpage for more info on the tariffs available and to pre-order the phone. Note that pre-order customers should receive the Samsung Galaxy S8 eight days before it goes on general sale.

Best UK tariffs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile only just opened its doors for business in January 2017, but is already proving itself a competitive rival to the likes of O2 and EE. The Galaxy S8 Plus deals on offer are certainly enticing.

At launch, you can bag the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from just £40 per month, with no up-front cost.

£40 per month (broken down as £30 per month for the handset and £10 per month for the mobile service) bags you an S8 Plus on Sky Mobile’s Swap24 tariff. This gives you 1GB of data, plus free unlimited calls and texts as long as you’re a Sky TV customer. If you’re not a customer, you have a choice: pay an extra £10 per month for unlimited minutes and texts, or go Pay-As-You-Go instead.

Sky Mobile’s Swap24 tariff allows you to exchange your Galaxy S8 Plus for something new after that 24 month period is up. If you decline, you can have your monthly payments dropped to £38.50 per month for six months instead.

Alternatively, Sky Mobile also offers the Galaxy S8 Plus on its Swap12 tariff. This starts at £57 per month and gives you the same minutes, texts and data as the Swap24 contract. However, you’re now allowed to swap your beefy S8 Plus for a new blower after just 12 months instead of 24. Or if you decline, you can drop your payments to just £36 per month for the next 12 months.

Best UK tariffs for the Samsung Galaxy S8: Three

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus can also be pre-ordered from Three’s network, in a choice of two colours: either midnight black or orchid grey. And if you pre-order the S8 Plus ahead of the full launch, you’ll receive it eight days before the official UK release.

Those S8 Plus tariffs start at £40 per month, with a £99 up-front cost. Some of Three’s S8 Plus 24-month contract deals include:

  • 500MB data, 300 minutes, unlimited texts – £99 upfront cost, £40 per month on Three’s Essential plan.
  • 8GB data, unlimited minutes and texts – £99 upfront cost, £51 per month on Three’s Essential plan.
  • 30GB data, unlimited minutes and texts – £99 upfront cost and £55 per month

Best UK tariffs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile will also be stocking the S8 Plus here in the UK, with the following tariff prices on offer:

  • 600MB data – £49 per month
  • 2GB data – £52 per month
  • 6GB data – £55 per month
  • 8GB data – £58 per month
  • 20GB data – £68 per month

Pre-order customers will also be rewarded with a free 64GB memory card. Nice.

Best UK tariffs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: EE

EE is offering the S8 Plus in either midnight black or orchid grey. There’s an up-front cost of £29.99 on a £60.99 per month 4GEE plan, which gives you 10GB of monthly data spend.

If you want the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for free, that’ll cost you £65.99 per month with 15GB of data on a 24-month 4GEE Max plan.

Best UK tariffs for the Samsung Galaxy S8: Tesco Mobile

Stump up £47.50 a month and you can get the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from Tesco Mobile, with 1500 minutes, 5000 texts and 3GB data allocated each month.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus can also be snagged for £58 a month, giving 5000 minutes, 5000 texts and 20GB data.

We’re updating this article as new tariffs and deals are reported by the UK providers.

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