April 22, 2021

Wolfe External Graphics Processing Unit Supercharges Your Laptop From $399

Wolfe External Graphics Processing Unit

If you would like to use your laptop or MacBook for graphically heavy processing such as virtual reality applications and games, video editing or playing AAA games.

You may be interested in a new piece of hardware called Wolfe which has been created to provide an external graphics processing engine that is capable of allowing you to enjoy high performance gaming, virtual reality and video editing applications directly from your low powered laptop.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Wolfe’s inspiration and design.

Your laptop is an incredible device that can do almost anything. You can browse the web, communicate, manage your data, and so much more — but there’s something missing. Sometimes, our laptops just aren’t powerful enough.

Laptops sacrifice performance for portability. For more intensive tasks like gaming, VR, and high-speed rendering, your laptop is held back by it’s weak, mobile graphics processor. Because of this, you’re expected to use a bulky, expensive desktop computer for these tasks. If you can buy an external hard drive to easily expand your storage, why can’t you do the same for your laptop’s performance?

That’s why we created the Wolfe – the affordable, easy-to-use device that removes these barriers and gives you the power to do all the gaming, design, and more — on the laptop you already own. You never have to buy a desktop again. With the Wolfe Pro, your laptop is fully equipped to handle VR. For the first time, gamers, developers, and other professionals can use this technology without a desktop computer.

The Wolfe outperforms consoles and most desktops, so you can play all the latest AAA games. And for enthusiasts, the Wolfe Pro allows you to play at the highest settings, without compromising performance. The Wolfe lets you create faster and more efficiently than ever. Enhance your CAD with super-smooth rendering and modeling, boost your performance in the Adobe Suite, or power any other GPU-accelerated application.

For more information on the new Wolfe external graphics card jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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