March 24, 2023

CellRobot Modular Robot Construction Kit

Anyone interested in learning more about robotics or teaching others, may be interested in a new modular robot concept called CellRobot which has been developed and launched by Kickstarter with the aim of raising $50,000 over the next 25 days.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about how the different modules can be combined to create hundreds of different robotic creations.

Modular robot

The team behind CellRobot explain more about its inspiration, development and functionality.

CellRobot is a complete robotics kit that allows you to build your very own robot. Spawned from a dream to create a dynamic robot that could change shape and adapt to its environment, CellRobot was created by a team that is passionate about the field of robotics.

Just as the cells in our bodies work together to create an organism, CellRobot is made up of single cells that, when combined, build functioning robots. Unique in its progressive design, CellRobot gives you the opportunity to learn, explore & create. Start with a Heart, snap on Cells & add Functional Cells like vision, wheels, or mounts for additional functionality! Each cell has eight joint faces which can be connected to each other through a simple twist movement. The joints will snap together for secure attachment.

CellRobot’s app has an extensive pre-uploaded shape library. From the home screen, open the Shape library and scroll through numerous builds. Once you’ve selected your design, follow the interactive instructions to easily create a robot. The app detects your robot and tells you which cells to attach to which joints. Refresh to get helpful feedback about position and placement. Then, control your robot with preprogrammed movements.

Once you feel comfortable with CellRobot and have your own ideas for build, you can create through ‘Custom Mode’ in the app. CellRobot detects the positioning of each cell unit. Create a new design and set specific parameters for how each cell unit will move. You have the power to create complex and specific movements. Save your designs in the app to access later or share with the community. Set your movements in one of two ways: setting parameters for each cell in the app or manually twisting cells into desired positions.

For more information on the new CellRobot modular robotic kit jump over to the Kickstarter website for details and to make a pledge from $155 for the basic package via the link below.

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