February 21, 2024

Eleksmill Mini CNC Machine Hits Kickstarter

Eleksmill Mini CNC Machine Hits Kickstarter

If you have been looking for a mini CNC machine, you might be interested in a new system which has been created and launched via Kickstarter this week called the Eleksmill.

The Eleksmill has been specifically designed to provide a low-cost desktop CNC machine that can provide “functional performance” as well as be easy to use. Watch the promotional video below to learn more about its design and functionality.

The developers of the Eleksmill mini CNC machine explain a little more about it inspiration and design, as well as the materials that you can transform using the computer-controlled milling head.

In the past two years, at KickStarter, We have been successful brought our projects to life and delivered our rewards to our backers on time . We were so proud, and were very appreciated for all of our backers. To thank our backers’ deep support, we continue to work hard and want to develop more creative staffs. This time, we are very excited to be partnered with Changzhou intelligent Technology Company in China .We work together and develop this modular and versatile desktop mini CNC. We named it EleksMill.

A Desktop CNC Machine can help created your crafts at home. Enjoy the pleasures from using a personal CNC kit to work on cutting, engraving, etching and milling on certain materials. It can Carve on PCB ,wood,bamboo,paper,plastic, leather and rubber.

For more information on the Eleksmill and to own one of the very first off the production line jump over to the Kickstarter website by the link below to make a pledge from $299 for early bird backers.

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