March 24, 2023

ReSpeaker Adds Voice Interaction To Almost Anything

ReSpeaker Adds Voice Interaction To Almost Anything

Makers, developers and hobbyists who would like the ability to add voice interaction to their projects, may be interested in a new piece of hardware which has been created by Seeed in the form of the ReSpeaker.

Check out the video below to learn more about ReSpeaker and how it can be easily added to a wide variety of different projects thanks to its open source modular design.

Once connected to your device or project the ReSpeaker allows you to interact with it using your voice alone. The development team at Seeed explain a little more about the modular system.

From push buttons to e-panels, the development of technology keeps improving the way we interact with our surroundings. Since the advent of voice interaction technology, our life has truly become easier in many ways.

We think we can take advantage of this technology, and achieve more with it – ReSpeaker provides an open source, modular voice interface that allows us to hack things around us, just using our voices. Rather than a voice assistant that fulfills simple tasks only when you asked, ReSpeaker provides a hands-free way of voice interaction for you and your surroundings.

With ReSpeaker, you are able to control, or even communicate with your toy robot, your home appliances, your plant, your office, your internet-equipped devices and many other things in your daily life. Powered by the MT7688 Wi-Fi module and the built-in high performance microphone, ReSpeaker responds to your voice and recognize your speeches based on powerful online cognitive services like Microsoft Cognitive Service, Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Speech API, and Houndify.

Also with the on board SD card slot to extend the storage and the integrated lightweight speech recognition engine – the PocketSphinx, ReSpeaker works equally well for keywords spotting when offline. You can have a large vocabulary and audio files stored in local storage to implement the speech recognition at anytime, anywhere, even without the internet.

For more information on the new Seeed ReSpeaker jump over to the Kickstarter website for details and to make a pledge via the link below.

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