March 28, 2023

V-Pack Rechargable Voltage Pack V-Pack Rechargable Voltage Pack

V-Pack Rechargable Voltage Pack

Serial entrepreneur Masih Vahida has once again taken to Kickstarter to raise funds to take his 12th Kickstarter project into production. The latest electronics board developed by Masih takes the form of the V-Pack, a rechargeable voltage pack which provides adjustable positive and negative voltage outputs.

Watch the video below to learn more about the V-Pack and what it can add to your next electronics project. Masih is looking to raise $5,000 over the next 44 days to help take the rechargeable voltage pack into production.

I’m sure that you have had the problem before that you need different voltages specially negative voltages for analog circuits or high voltage for opamps or something like that but you have a small battery only! This V-Pack solves this problem.

V-Pack generates different fixed and adjustable voltages from a small li-on battery. It has linear regulator to make 3.3v DC that most of the digital circuits need these days. it also boosts the voltage to 5v DC for TTL devices or circuits that need 5v voltage. Beside these fixed voltages, it has a adjustable switching power supply on board that can generate adjustable positive and negative voltages from 0 to +24 v and from 0 to -24v separately which is needed in the analog circuits like opamps or analog to digital converters or something like that.

For more information on the new V-Pack jump over to the Kickstarter website for full specifications and to make a pledge from $69 by following the link below.

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