April 1, 2023

Puck.js Bluetooth Beacon Can Be Programmed Wirelessly (video)

Puck.js Bluetooth Beacon

Those of you creating Internet of Things projects might be interested in a new Bluetooth beacon called Puck.js, which has been created by Gordon Williams based in Oxford within the UK.

Puck.js takes the form of a small JavaScript micro-controller that can be programmed wirelessly and has been specifically designed for Internet of Things projects and devices.

The tiny Bluetooth beacon requires no software which allows you to get up and running in just seconds says Puck.js developer. Watch the video below to learn more about this small disc-shaped Bluetooth beacon that has taken to Kickstarter to raise £20,000 over the next 30 days, and is already almost there with still 29 days remaining, thanks to over 280 backers.

With our custom circuit board, the latest Nordic chip, Bluetooth Smart, Infra-red and much more, all enclosed in a tiny silicone case, Puck.js is a smart device which is both multi-functional and easy to use. Puck.js comes pre-installed with JavaScript and we have an easy to use graphical editor, so it’s perfect for any maker, whether you’re just starting out or have been making for years. You can start programming straight out of the box – no wires or software required!

Most manufacturers conveniently gloss over the difficulties of programming their hardware, and other beacons are provided without software or left crippled by their boring factory-installed software. Puck.js is different – it comes with our Open Source JavaScript interpreter Espruino pre-installed, which makes it incredibly easy to use and means you can get started in just seconds, without any prior programming experience.

Specifications of the Puck.js Bluetooth Beacon include :

– 35mm diameter, 10mm thick
– Silicone rubber cover, ABS plastic base
– CR2032 210mAh battery
– MAG3110 magnetometer
– 1x Tactile Button, 4x LED (R,G,B,IR)
– 8x 0.1″ pins – 6x GPIO, 2x Power
– Bluetooth Smart 5.0, 80M range in Open Space
– PLUS Nordic Semiconductor’s brand new nRF52832 microcontroller. It’s packed full of amazing features…

– ARM Cortex M4F core
– Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 – giving Quadruple the range, and double the speed of Bluetooth 4.2
– Near field communications (NFC) built-in
– A massive 64kB of RAM and 512kB of Flash – double that of the previous generation nRF51
– 64 MHz clock speed – four times that of the nRF51
– Over the air firmware updates
– 12 bit ADC, timers, SPI, I2C and Serial that can be used on any available pins
– Temperature sensor

Jump over to Kickstarter for more details and to make a pledge from just £24 for early bird backers. If you are interested in creating Internet of Things projects or require a smart home hub you might be interested in our home automation hubs and system guide.

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