March 28, 2023

Das Keyboard 5Q Cloud Connected Keyboard (video)

Das Keyboard 5Q Cloud Connected Keyboard

Das Keyboard have unveiled a new cloud connected keyboard they have created in the form of the Das Keyboard 5Q which takes the form of a mechanical keyboard that allows each key to be colour controlled using the Internet.

The API RGB mechanical Das Keyboard 5Q comes complete with its own customisation application and is compatible with IFTTT Q Cloud And Zapier. Check out the promotional video to learn more about this very unique mechanical RGB keyboard.

The Das Keyboard 5Q has this week launched via Kickstarter and has already raised over $170,000 thanks to over 1200 backers, with still 29 days remaining on the campaign. As developers explain more about the inspiration and technology included in this unique keyboard.

Do you think keyboards as input devices only? With this project, we are redefining the way we use keyboards by adding an output function. You can now also use it as a dashboard. Intrigued? Read on.

Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-connected, open API RGB mechanical keyboard that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet. It is built with ground-breaking electronics that provide superior RGB LED brightness and unsurpassed response time. Along with the Das Keyboard Q application, the Das Keyboard 5Q makes you more productive by streaming information directly to your keyboard.

For more information on the new Das Keyboard 5Q jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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