March 24, 2023

Big Blue Sparx Diode Laser Cutter Upgrades (video)

Big Blue Sparx Diode Laser Cutter Upgrades

Anyone who has purchased a laser cutter kit but has been unable to construct it correctly or create any decent results might be interested in a new upgrade which has been created by Big Blue Sparx Lasers, who specialise in creating custom upgrades for hobby and desktop laser cutters.

The company has created a new Big Blue Sparx Diode laser cutter upgrade which it has now made available for shipping worldwide and provides everything you need to upgrade your Banggood, LaserCube 2 and more.

Check out the video below to learn more about how these new upgrades can help you improve your laser cutter performance and safety as well as benefit from full manuals and instructions on how to get the most from your hobby your desktop laser cutter.

Basic Upgrades Package:

– Full Documentation Package
– Assembled BBS 2x+ Board (add to your existing 2 axis controller)
– Arduino Nano with new firmware
– The control module enclosure
– Pause, resume, and cancel buttons
– x and y limit switches
– LED Voltage Meter (because it looks cool)
– Any necessary extension cables
– Drag chain.
– Optical Safety Shield
– Laser Focus Ring Attachment
– Glass laser lens to increase power

Gold Upgrades:

The Gold Upgrade Package includes a completely new controller. The advantage of this controller is the ability to use external buttons for Laser Positioning and a power switch. On the standard 2 axis controller, the power and “weak” buttons are in somewhat awkward positions – this controller makes them far easier to access.

– Everything in the Basic Package
– Replacement 3 Axis controller
– Power switch
– Laser Positioning Switch
– Stepper Motor Foam Gaskets

Platinum Upgrades:

– Everything in the Gold Package
– EPE Safety Foam Bed material
– Custom Engraved Name Plate
– Choice of color – Blue, Green, Yellow, Red (see “About Colors”)
– Priority Shipping Queue
– Priority Forum Support

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