April 1, 2023

Lightpack 2 HDMI Smart Lighting System Launches Via Kickstarter (video)

Lightpack 2 smart lighting system

Woodenshark has once again taken to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website to raise funds for their new Lightpack 2 smart lighting system that has been specifically designed to drastically improve your gaming and viewing experience on large screen TVs.

Unlike their previous smart lighting system which was specifically designed for computers, the latest solution is a completely stand-alone version that can be used with games consoles, computers and media centres all connecting via HDMI cables.

In addition to the Lightpack 2 set-top box, Woodenshark has also created Pixels which takes the form of small light boxes that can be interconnected and used with IFTTT to alert you of different things such as the arrival of an text message, mail, Instagram notification and more. Its developers explain a little more about its new features.

Lightpack 2 is a lighting set that brings you a whole new experience while watching movies by lightening the background of your TV and room. Lightpack 2 has 4 HDMI inputs to connect all of your media devices to your TV. Lightpack controls a LED strip that contours to the back of your TV and can include what we call Pixels: wireless LED-based lighting modules placed on the wall around the main screen. Lightpack uses complex, patented algorithms to process the input video signal and conduct this ambient backlight orchestra. The result is a huge improvement in your overall viewing and gaming experience.

The Lightpack 2 now works with any TV screen and only requires just a power source and an HDMI connection. Lightpack 2 also can be used as an intelligent lighting system, even when your TV is off. You can set up the mood light with Lightpack App. Pixels are extending your screen to the entire room, so you are in the very center of your media entertainment . You can control Pixels with the same Lightpack App: set up different modes, timer and other functions.

For more information on the new Lightpack 2 jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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