April 1, 2023

New Improved Arduino 101 Core released by Intel

New Improved Arduino 101 Core

Intel has this week released a new and improved version of the Arduino 101 Core which has been developed in collaboration with Intel and Arduino. The new 101 Core does not only provide enhance code generation but also now comes with useful features unlocked to make your project even more interactive.

The upgrade process is fairly simple and uses the Arduino IDE’s Board Manager, although Arduino Create users will be automatically updated to the latest Arduino 101 Core and need do nothing.

New Arduino 101 Core specifications include :

– The GCC compiler has been updated to support hardware extensions to the ARC EM core in the Intel® Curie™ module. This provides significant improvements in floating point operations, bit shifting, and other operations to enhance Sketch performance.

– The Arduino/Genuino 101 platform offers 2MB Flash storage onboard, which is now enabled for user sketches.

– An experimental driver has been implemented to enable the I2S interface via the CurieI2S library. Connecting the I2S bus to an external DAC (digital to analog converter) allows users to play high-quality music (HiFi).
Other improvements and bug fixes:

– Motion Sensor: Several sample sketches, like MotionDetection, have been implemented to demonstrate the application of the IMU data

– Bluetooth LE: Several new examples for BLE peripheral library added

– IMU: Correct motion detection setting implemented

– Library CurieTimerOne APIs are now compatible with the TimerOne library

For more details and comprehensive release notes jump over to the Intel Open Source Technology Center on GitHub. If you enjoyed this article you are sure to enjoy how to build your very own Arduino wind speed meter or anemometer project which is easy to build with basic Arduino skills.

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