March 24, 2023


Xpress-PRO Offers Smartphone Storage, Charging And Cable In One

BRICWAVE has unveiled a new portable smartphone storage companion they have created which offers users storage, portable charging and cable all in one handy pocket sized device called the Xpress-PRO.

The Xpress-PRO can be equipped with up to 256GB of onboard storage and includes fast charging technology, allowing you to top-up your smartphone quickly and efficiently when required.

What’s the promotional video below to learn more about its aluminium outer case, internal specifications and inspiration. Its developers explain a little more about the Xpress-PRO.

There are certain situations that can leave a person in a very difficult situation, involving technology. Two of the most annoying, in an ever connected world, is needing a storage solution with none available and having a smartphone or tablet go dead with no way to charge them. We came up with an ingenious solution, the Xpress-PRO™ that helps users to manage data and to stay connected with full power all the time. It is an ultimate mobile assistant to save time and to promote maximum convenience.

Xpress-PRO is roughly the size of a credit card and is made of high-strength aluminum alloy chosen for its long-lasting durability. With a memory capacity of up to 256GB, it assures that no data gets lost and charges your devices faster via Lightning or Micro-USB connections. One device is “good enough” to replace separate hard drive, charging battery, and cables.

Are you carrying too many gadgets to stay connected or having too much data to handle? Or, are you juggling too many things while traveling and finding it a real struggle to try and not leave anything behind? It is quite embarrassing to be traveling with multiple tech gadgets and eventually getting stuck at the security screening gate due to increased security concerns nowadays. Of course, it is even more frustrating when your device is jammed with pictures, video, music files and email data, which leaves you out of memory space. Yes, you can easily delete them, but it’s not an easy thing to decide which part of your memories or entertainment you will erase.

The Xpress-PRO smartphone storage system is now available to back by the Kickstarter crowdfunding website with early bird pledges starting from just $69 for the 32GB version. For more details jump over to Kickstarter via the link below.

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