March 24, 2023

Wevolver Open Source 3D Printable Robots And More (video)

if you are interested in creating your own 3D printed robots using a little Arduino programming, open source coding or making in general. You might be interested in some new 3D printed open source robot projects which have been published to the Revolver website for all skill levels.

Earlier this year the Open source technology platform Wevolver was honoured as an outstanding innovator at SXSW and has been developed by makers with backgrounds in engineering and design, with a passion for open source technology.

Revolver Open Source 3D Printable Robots

On Wevolver, people share files and knowledge of engineering projects like robots, 3d-printers, and drones. Using those resources enables others to make, improve and collaborate on these projects. Wevolver allows you to explore innovative and inspiring open source technology projects such as Ultrascope, a smartphone-controlled telescope designed for citizen space exploration. It also gives you the ability to share the blueprints of your own work and collaborate with others on new technology. We are a global community of makers, designers, engineers, and tinkerers. From individuals looking for great projects they can make, to companies looking for other people to make, and iterate on their work.

More details on the open source robots and many more different projects which are now available to build jump over to the official Wevolver website by the link below.

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