March 20, 2023

Dospara PC Stick Docking Station Launches For $40

Dospara PC Stick Docking Station

Japanese company Dospara has this week unveiled a new piece of hardware they have created in the form of a PC stick docking station, which has already launched in Japan as the Dospara DG-STKLC and is priced at $40.

The PC stick docking station allows you to quickly and easily expand the functionality of your pocket size mini PC by providing an additional 3 x full-sized USB ports and an Ethernet jack, together with HDMI and micro USB connection for power, which are already included on the PC stick.

Although the docking station has been designed with the Diginnos DG-STK3 PC stick in mind, there is no reason why other PC sticks couldn’t be used in the docking station. Unfortunately no details on whether the PC docking station will be made available worldwide has been announced as yet by Dospara. But for more information on the new Dospara DG-STKLC PC stick docking station jump over to the official Dospara website for details by following the link below.

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