March 24, 2023

Inventems Rapid Prototyping System Interfaces With Arduino And LittleBits (video)

Rapid Prototyping System

Jon Young has created a new electronic rapid prototyping system called Inventems which also has the ability to interface with both Arduino and littleBits platforms, providing you with a huge scope of possibilities.

Inventems are an ever-growing collection of electronic modules and standardised interfaces that have been designed for makers, developers and anyone aged 10 or older.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Inventems rapid prototyping platform that is taken to Kickstarter this week to raise the $2,000 it requires to go into production.

Inventems are for everyone starting at about 10 years old, including students, educators, home schoolers, the self-taught, makers, artists, and professionals.

For Learning

– Intuitive connectors that make wiring mistakes almost impossible.
– The only tools required are your hands and a small screwdriver.
– Online tutorials and explanations for each Inventems module.
– Open source designs include bill of materials and design documents, not just schematics and board files.
– An online Web community.
– Quickly grasp the purpose of operational amplifiers, comparators, voltage division and more.
– Speed up design of student projects.
– Open source access to schematics and hardware design files

For Hobbyists and Makers

– Small, inexpensive, and sturdy enough to place in your own projects.
– Standard 1/2 inch-based dimensions, e.g.1/2″x1/2″, 1″x1/2″, and others.
– Easily connect with products you already own with breadboard connectivity, littleBits(TM), and the reconfigurable Arduino(TM) shield.

For Professionals

– Parts ordering information at Digi-Key or other electronic components sellers.
– Prototyping tasks can take place in seconds rather than minutes or hours.
– Modular electronic functions allow you to spend more time tackling new and innovative concepts.
– Follow our interface guidelines to develop and sell your own modules that interface with Inventems!

For more information on the new Inventems jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below. If you are interested in creating Internet of Things projects or require a smart home hub you might be interested in our home automation hubs and system guide.

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