April 24, 2024

Apple $400 iPhone SE costs just $160 to build


Since is a lot like the previous iPhone 5s, the new iPhone SE will use all the available accessories of its predecessor. The real changes are under the hood of the device and thanks to an IHS we know the cost of the model that Apple announced recently.

It turns out that the hardware and the assembly of a one device from the new smartphone cost to the company $160 for the (16 GB version).

Besides the compact screen of a widely advertised benefits of iPhone SE is that we can find much of the current hardware of Apple, offered a “modest” starting price of $400.

Chipmaker Qualcomm who supplied the cellular chips, adding $15 in cost. Apple designed the A9 processor which added $22 to the final bill for parts. The chip is built by two companies: South Korea’s Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.

Apple iPhone SE complete Teardown whats new have inside.

Apple is also reusing a prior generation’s display technology. The four-inch display, built by LG Display, cost $20, less than half the $41 it cost when Apple used it on the iPhone 5s in 2013. Apple is thought to also use Sharp and Japan Display Inc. as suppliers.

An IHS data, however, again showed how bigger is the difference between the cost and market price of the phones that Apple offers.

The version with 64 GB is assembled for $170 but sells for $500. Again it should be noted that this is only the price of the hardware, which does not include costs for software and marketing.

Here’s the IHS’s very cool “exploded view” of the iPhone SE.

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