April 18, 2024

Latest Apple New Ipads News

New iPad
Apple New Ipads
Image by John.Karakatsanis
New iPad (3rd Gen) hands on. More: www.xblog.gr/tag/new-ipad/

iPad 6 release date rumours: leaked photos show Touch ID

Apple New Ipads
However, it's not unknown for Apple to bring launches forward under exceptional circumstances: the launch of the iPad 4 just seven months after the iPad 3 shows that it's possible we'll see a new iPad Air sooner, perhaps in June of next year at Apple's …

Apple's New iPads 'Will Close Samsung's Window of Opportunity'

Apple New Ipads
July and August will be key months to reach both the business and the consumer markets, says Carl Howe, VP of research at Yankee Group – noting that we're likely to see new iPads from Apple in September. “Samsung's challenge is that Apple's tablets …

Will Apple's next iPad have a smart cover that can show you messages even

Apple New Ipads
Apple is developing a 'smart' iPad cover that can show emails and other notifications even when the iPad is switched off. Patents reveal the new cover could include low power LEDs and other screen technologies to avoid draining the battery. Another …

Apple code pretty much confirms new sizes for iPhone and iPad

Apple New Ipads
… 4.7-inch iPhone and a 5.5-inch "iPhablet." The latter is rumored to be so thin that Apple is actually having trouble finding batteries for it. We're expecting to see these devices, and likely new iPads as well, at Apple's customary September …

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