February 28, 2024

Russian police need help hacking the iPhone, will pay $37,000

It’s been a rough day for the iPhone in Russia; A large, iPhone-style tribute to Steve Jobs is being sold off because Tim Cook is gay, a lawmaker is calling for a ban on iPhones amongst government officials, and now a law enforcement agency in the country is shopping around for a company that can help them hack iOS devices. As RT reports, a regional police force in the Ural region recently placed the request with an offer of roughly US$37,000 to anyone who can come through.

The agency noted the desire to break the security of iOS devices to aid in criminal investigations, though no other specific brands or devices were mentioned in the request. This might not be entirely shocking considering even FBI director James Comey has come out against Apple’s data encryption, suggesting that it’s too secure for the small segment of the population who may use it for nefarious purposes.

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