February 7, 2023

Facebook returns after suffering wide outages for the second time in a week

ZZPdzvlpK9r_Df9C3M7j1rNRi7hhHRvPhlklJ3lfi5jk86Jd1s0Y5wcQ1QgbVaAP5Qw30Facebook is back online after suffering service outages for the second time in a single week on September 28.

Users in various locations were greeted with an error message at around 3pm ET/8pm BST that read: “Sorry, something went wrong.”
The outages follow just four days after Facebook temporarily went down on Thursday, September 24.

Facebook has yet to offer any explanation or cause for Monday’s service outage, although service appeared to have been restored by 4pm ET/9pm GMT.

The matter riled up users on social media, who wasted no time posting on Facebook’s rival site Twitter.

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