May 22, 2024

Google feed getting improvements on Android and iOS

In addition to improving Play Store curation, Google has announced that it’s beefing up another one of its apps.

The Google app feed already shows you topics that you’re interested in, and now it’ll be able to reflect your interest in topics, too. For example, if you’re super into video games and a little interested in cars, the Google feed will reflect that.

This updated Google feed will also factor in what’s trending in your area and around the world to help keep you up-to-date on important topics.

If you’d prefer to curate what you see in your Google feed yourself, you can now tap a “Follow” button next to certain search results like sports teams, movies, bands, and celebrities.

Rounding out this improved Google feed will be able to show you multiple viewpoints from different sources about a single news topic. You’ll also be able to fact check and see other relevant info about topics in the feed.

Google says that this updated feed is launching today in the Google apps for Android and iOSin the U.S., and it’ll roll out internationally in the coming weeks. This sounds like a solid update to the Google app’s feed, as it not only tries to better reflect your interests, but also attempts to keep you informed about what’s going on around you.

How often do you look at the feed in the Google app?

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