May 21, 2024

Arctic Cooling Introduces AMD Threadripper-Ready All-In-One Coolers

Those of you planning on upgrading to one of AMD’s upcoming Threadripper processors will be happy to know that Arctic Cooling has updated its line of all-in-one coolers to be compatible with the TR4 socket.

The Liquid Freezer line of coolers all share the same the 12v water pump equipped with a micro skived fin copper cold plate and are available in 360mm, 240mm, and 120mm sizes. Although the radiators all share the same basic high fin count aluminum construction, each varies in size and thickness. The Liquid Freezer 360 radiator measures 120mm wide and 390mm long, but it’s relatively thin at just 27mm. Conversely, both the 120 and 240 models are 38mm thick and measure 120 x 272mm and 120 x 155mm (W x L), respectively.

All three Liquid Freezer models employ Arctic Cooling’s proprietary F12 120mm cooling fans. They’re capable of 74CFM airflow each and ship in pairs (that is, 2x fans for the 120, 4x for the 240 and 6x for the 360). This allows you to install each cooler in a push-pull configuration if so desired.

According to Arctic Cooling, the Liquid Freezer 360 and 240 are both capable of handling heat loads up to 350W (recommended for TDP up to 300W). The Liquid Freezer 120 is rated at 300W (recommended for TDP up to 250W).

The Liquid Freezer line of coolers is compatible with  AMD’s TR4, AM4, FM2+, FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+ and AM2 sockets as well as Intel’s LGA2011, LGA115X, LGA775/1366 sockets.

Currently, the Liquid Freezer 360 retails for $140, the 240 for $100, and the 120 for $86. All three coolers are available from the company website.

Liquid Freezer120240360
Fan Dimensions (W x H x D)120 x 120 x 25mm120 x 120 x 25mm120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Speed500 – 1,350RPM500 – 1,350RPM500 – 1,350RPM
Fan Voltage12V DC12V DC12V DC
Max Airflow74 CFM74 CFM74 CFM
Fan Noise0.3 Sone0.3 Sone0.3 Sone
Pump Voltage5V – 12V DC5V – 12V DC5V – 12V DC
Power Consumption2W2W2W

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