May 22, 2024

watchOS 3.2 beta 1 update for Apple Watch rolling out with Theater Mode in tow


After releasing a new iOS 10.3 beta last week, Apple today unleashed an all-new watchOS beta update.

watchOS 3.2 beta 1 is now available to registered developers. The update enables a new Theater Mode that will make the Apple Watch ready for use in a movie theater. For example, activating Theater Mode will mute sounds and disable Raise to Wake. You will still get haptic feedback notifications, though, and you’ll be able to view info by tapping on the Watch’s screen or pressing the Digital Crown.

While many folks may be accustomed to silencing their smartphones and putting them in a pock when at a theater, silencing a smartwatch is a bit different. Not only do you have to turn off the sounds, but many watches activate the screen when you raise your wrist so that you can see the time like a normal watch. Theater Mode aims to streamline the process of prepping your watch for a movie theater.

Also included in watchOS 3.2 beta 1 is SiriKit support, which will let you ask Siri to perform actions like sending a payment, search through photos, book a ride, and more.

Apple hasn’t yet said when watchOS 3.2 will be released to the public.

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