May 16, 2024

Android 7.1.2 adds ‘Swipe for notifications’ feature to Nexus 5X


Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL offer several exclusive features, like the Pixel Launcher and Google Assistant. However, one feature that’s been Pixel-only won’t stay that way with Android 7.1.2.

The first beta release of Android 7.1.2 is now hitting the Nexus 5X, and owners of the 5X are finding that the update adds the “Swipe for notifications” feature found on the Pixel phones. When enabled, you can swipe down on your phone’s fingerprint sensor to check your notifications.


If you’ve got a Nexus 5X, you can enroll in the Android Beta Program to get the Android 7.1.2 update early. Once updated, this feature can be found in the “Moves” section of your Settings app.

The Android 7.1.2 beta hasn’t started rolling out to the Nexus 6P quite yet, so it’s unclear if 6P owners will get this feature, too. Considering that the 6P is a higher-end phone than the 5X with its own rear fingerprint reader, though, it seems likely that Google will also bring “Swipe for notifications” to the Nexus 6P.

The goal of the ‘Swipe to notifications’ feature is to make it easier for you to view your alerts by simply swiping down on the fingerprint reader, where your finger is likely already nearby, instead of having to stretch up to the top of your phone’s screen. This feature is particularly handy on phones with large screens, so here’s to hoping that it does hit the Nexus 6P and its 5.7-inch display.

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