May 16, 2024

Latest LG G6 leak claims to show off prototype model


We’ve seen a couple of LG G6 image leaks recently, but both photos only let us see the top half of the device. Now a new leak has surfaced that may show us a bit more of LG’s upcoming Android flagship.

New photos that allegedly show an LG G6 prototype model have surfaced. The top half of this prototype resembles the G6 phones that we’ve seen in past leaks, with the earpiece, sensors, and front-facing camera all sitting in about the same places.

While the screen of this prototype LG G6 is off, the phone does appear to have pretty slim bezels around its screen. There’s an LG logo below the display and what looks to be a metal frame.


Around back, there’s a dual rear camera setup with a fingerprint reader below it, similar to what we saw on last year’s LG G5 and LG V20. The back of the phone appears to be made of a black plastic, but it’s cautioned that this is a prototype model and that the final LG G6 won’t ship with this back cover.

Finally, the bottom of the device is home to a USB Type-C port and speaker. The top of the G6 is said to have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

While the device shown in these leaked photos may not be a finished LG G6, the images do give us a better idea of what the final unit could look like. There’s nothing terribly surprising about its design given what we’ve seen in past leaks and the fact that the G6 won’t be modular like the G5, but so far the G6 looks like it should be a good-looking device made with premium materials.

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