May 22, 2024

AT&T to begin deploying 5G service in Austin and Indianapolis soon


After running 5G field tests last year, AT&T will soon begin deploying its 5G network.

AT&T says that it’ll launch its first “5G Evolution Markets” in the coming months. The lucky markets that’ll get AT&T 5G first are Austin, Texas, and Indianapolis, Ind.

AT&T calls its 5G platform “AT&T Network 3.0 Indigo.”

As for what the 5G service will be capable of, AT&T says that it offers theoretical peak speeds of 400Mbps. Once AT&T rolls out network improvements live carrier aggregation and LTE-License Assisted Access (LAA), the theoretical peak speeds can reach 1Gbps.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need compatible hardware to access AT&T’s 5G network. That said, it’s still exciting to see the beginnings of 5G rollouts, which ought to bring faster speeds and be even better for things like streaming video.

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