February 6, 2023

GitLab just launched another feature that will help it compete with GitHub

Step by step, GitLab, the startup behind the GitLab open source software for managing source code, is becoming more competitive with GitHub, the company well known for hosting source code for many applications.

Today GitLab announced the availability of a new feature, GitLab Pages, in the startup’s Enterprise Edition. GitLab Pages is GitLab’s answer to GitHub Pages, a tool that people can use to create cool-looking websites for their open source projects on GitHub.

“GitLab Pages allows you to host a static website on your GitLab instance, that is automatically deployed and updated, all from a normal GitLab project,” Job van der Voort, GitLab’s vice president of product, wrote in a blog post.

Of course, every repository has its own page, both on GitHub and on GitLab, but if you want to have a great, less technical landing page for projects or yourself or your group, this is just the thing.


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