May 21, 2024

The one tool every international traveler must have

International travel is fun. You get to see new places, eat amazing food, and learn how to ask “Where’s the bathroom?” in multiple languages. But there’s one pesky problem that you always have to deal with: safely charging your electronic devices.

There are multiple power standards around the world, so an American charger won’t work with a European wall and vice versa. To get around this, you need a world charger like the Gorilla Power 4-Port USB World Travel Charger. This charger gives you international world travel adapters for Australia, America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and is perfect for any overseas vacation.

The Gorilla Power 4-Port USB World Travel Charger contains four high grade USB ports with 34 Watts of power so you can simultaneously charge two tablets and two smartphones. It also has several built-in microchips and fail-safes to ensure your safety.


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