March 2, 2024

Some of the most common SEO myths that you shouldn’t pay heed to


The SEO landscape is changing a lot with every passing day. Google is continuously invigilating all the websites and is changing its algorithm in order to stop all the black hat SEO techniques that are being done by the webmasters or the website owners in order to move up the ladder of the search engine ranking. Recently Google’s Panda and Penguin update has changed the way in which websites were being ranked in the search engine results and while some websites have been over-rated, there are some others that have dropped in ranking in order to the penalization of the Panda. There are too many myths that are surrounding the entire SEO industry and therefore when you wish to let go of the myths, you should know the facts. Read on to know the most common SEO myths.

  • Keywords require being an exact match for SEO:

    The keywords don’t need to be repeated throughout the entire content. There are people who think that it is necessary to use the keywords in the content, in the title and in the Meta tags, almost everywhere! But the actual fact is that keywords should be placed only in those places where it fits accordingly and it makes most sense. You should try writing a stellar headline that focuses on explaining the entire content of the article. Nothing can be worse than reading a headline that is keyword stuffed or rather with a repeated use of the keyword phrase. Although there’s no magic number as to how many times you should use the keywords in your article, you should certainly use it in accordance with the total number of words of the article.

  • SEO and social media aren’t at all related:

    There is another myth that says that social media and SEO are not related in any manner. The intersection of SEO and social media is referred to as “social search” and this is a very important thing. The fact is that there is an increasingly formal relation between ‘social’ and ‘search’ and Google has been struggling hard to prove this with Google+ and Google Authorship. Even in social search, the content that has a social connection to you will always be given higher priority, especially when you’re linked through Facebook, Twitter and some other social networking websites.

  • More links is better than more content:A very common question that often arises is why you should invest in content creation or link building? Inbound links might seem to be an important part of your website but if you have enough money to invest in your website, you should hire someone for writing content for your website. Too often, when the business organizations hire someone for building links, they focus on the quantity and not on the quality but this game is no more. Instead it is more important to focus on attracting relevant and diverse resources through which you can get relevant links to your website.

Therefore, when you’re an SEO expert, you need to ensure that you’re not the kind who takes amateurish steps that can affect you in the long run. You should rather go through the above mentioned points in order to know the exact steps that you should take in order to get increased traffic through SEO.

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