April 12, 2024

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Corona Light grows up, targets older audience

Target the audience
Last year Mexican import Corona Light tried to gain ground against its larger domestic light beer foes with ads featuring talking sheep that encouraged drinkers to "ditch the herd" and try something new. But for 2014 the brand is ditching the sheep in …

Target The Right Audience With LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Target the audience
Showcase Pages are beneficial if your company has multiple products or services that each have very distinct target audiences. If you have one or two products with pretty similar features and target audiences, it may not be worth adding a Showcase Page.

How To Use Facebook's New Targeting Options To Nail Down Your Target

Target the audience
Facebook introduced four new targeting features for paid ads which are becoming simpler and more powerful for businesses or advertisers to reach precise audiences based on four main targeting types, namely, location, demographic, interests, and …

Target Audience Profile example
Target the audience
Image by IvanWalsh.com
Use this template to learn more about the target audience for your projects and what they want to achieve, for example, read your user guide, visit your website or buy your product.

See: www.klariti.com/Audience-Analysis-Templates/

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