May 20, 2024

Take Down A Cult In ‘Sign Of The Times’ DLC For ‘Mafia III’

Eliminating corrupt city officials in New Bordeaux and taking down a mercenary army is all in a day’s work for Lincoln Clay. In the third piece of downloadable content (DLC) for Mafia III, Clay takes a walk on the wild side as he attempts to drive a dangerous cult out of his city.

Sign of the Times centers around a group called The Ensanglante, which utilizes blood rituals and human sacrifices in an effort to “restore their power.” The cult performs these acts throughout specific places New Bordeaux designated as places of darkness where terrible tragedy occurred. One of these locations is the now-destroyed Sammy’s Bar where Sal Marcano betrayed Clay and his friends in the game’s original story. Within the ruins of the bar, Clay helps out Anna, who managed to escape the cult’s rituals.

Clay will also have to visit The Ensanglante’s previous ritual locations in an effort to find out its true motives. In these locations, he will need to use multiple tools, such as a camera and blacklight, to investigate the area. However, cult members can also attack him to discourage his efforts. Clay can utilize a new set of weapons, such as throwing knives, to quickly take them out. The DLC also features a new gameplay mechanic— slow-motion—that can help set up the perfect kill.

Hangar 13 will show off more videos pertaining to the DLC in the coming weeks. Sign of the Timeswill mark the final piece of planned post-launch content for Mafia III when it comes out on July 25.

NameMafia III
TypeAction/Adventure, Open world
DeveloperHangar 13
PlatformsPC, Xbox One PlayStation 4
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