May 22, 2024

‘Stardew Valley’ Giveaway And The Best Amazon Deals: Community Roundup

The Tom’s Hardware Community is constantly busy. Whether our members are discussing the site’s latest articles and reviews, providing tech support and building advice, or playing the latest PC Games, we have so much great stuff going on that it could make your head spin! Not to worry — Community Roundup is here to let you know the best of what’s going on in the Tom’s Hardware forums on a regular basis.

  • It’s Friday at last! What better way to celebrate your newfound weekend freedom than with some free games! Up for grabs are three copies of Stardew Valley. For those new to the indie hit, Stardew Valley is the critically acclaimed country-life RPG and homage to Harvest Moon. It’s a one-man labor of love, and a game that is equally parts rich and meditating. Can you learn to live off the land and turn the overgrown virtual fields of Stardew Valley into a thriving home? For your chance to win, enter the raffle in the giveaway thread and answer the discussion prompt. There will be one raffle winner and two discussion prompt winners. You can find the giveaway thread in our PC Gaming Forums. Here is a direct link to the giveaway.
  • We’ve made it even easier for the Community to find excellent deals on computer hardware and games with our new and improved Tom’s Hardware Deals Thread. Although we do keep the thread regularly updated, some deals may slip through the cracks. If you find a great deal with exceptional savings, post it in our thread. Also, be sure to check out Best Deals page for the latest shopping savings on Amazon. These are the best deals available, so make sure to check in every day for the latest updates.
  • Our Extreme Overclocking Guide for Ryzen is live. We put 10 AMD Ryzen CPUs through a high-voltage air and liquid nitrogen gauntlet. The results were surprising, with the higher core processors dominating under both air and liquid nitrogen cooling. User gasaraki thought these overclocking tests evidenced “the immaturity of the Ryzen processors in that the build quality is not the same between different CPUs or even CCXes and binning is what they do for the lower cored versions.” What are your thoughts? Check out the guide and let us know in the comments section. New to overclocking and want to know more? Head to the Overclocking Forum and ask an expert or simply browse our Overclocking, Cooling, and Water Cooling Index if you’re not sure where to get started.

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