May 20, 2024

OnePlus offering students a 10 percent discount on its products

The school year is already underway for many students, and to help make the transition from summer back to school easier, OnePlus is giving students a discount on its products.

Through the OnePlus Student Program, students can get 10 percent off their next order from OnePlus. This includes the OnePlus 5 flagship as well as any other order from OnePlus’s online store.

To get this discount, you’ll need to log in to Student Beans to prove that you’re actually a student. You can then claim your 10 percent off coupon, which will be valid for one month after you claim it and can be used on anything in the OnePlus store, though you can only get a single OnePlus 5 with the coupon. You can claim one 10 percent coupon per year.

This offer is available to students in the following countries: U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, U.S., and Canada.

Getting 10 percent off a flagship device like the OnePlus 5 is a nice deal, especially when you’re a student and every little bit of cash that you can save is important. To begin the process of getting your 10 percent discount, head on over to the OnePlus website.

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