May 21, 2024

Star Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 8 revealed

When Samsung took the wraps off of the Galaxy Note 8, it said that the flagship would be available in four colors: Midnight Black, Maple Gold, Deep Sea Blue, and Orchid Grey. Fast-forward five days and a fifth color has been revealed.

A new Star Pink Galaxy Note 8 has been announced. This pink Note 8 is expected to launch in Taiwan first, and it’s unclear when or if this model will make its way to other markets. Pricing will be the same as the other Note 8 colors, which is set at TWD 34,200 ($1,134 USD).

Samsung regularly introduces new colors to its flagship phones, so it’s not a surprise to see this Star Pink model debut. Normally this happens in the months following the device’s launch, but it looks like Samsung is doing things a little different this time and getting a new color out ahead of the Note 8’s launch. Hopefully we’ll see this pink Note 8 make its way to other markets, too, because having more color options is always a good thing.

What color would you like to see Samsung add to the Galaxy Note 8?


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