April 1, 2023


Not everything we rely on today was intended for its current use. Sometimes, the best ideas come from unexpected places, proving that when you discover something that works, you can’t help but see the possibilities.


  1. Charles Goodyear accidentally put a combination of rubber and sulfur on the stove and walked away. When he came back, he found a tough and durable material now known as the plastic we use today.
  2. Temper foam, that popular padding that absorbs shock while providing comfort and protection, is now widely used in the helmets of race car drivers. It was originally invented in 1966 for use on seat cushions in rocket ships.
  3. The earliest known compass dates back to 206 B.C. and was made from a naturally magnetic stone. Modern GPS technology indicates position but not direction, solidifying the compass’ vital role on the road of life.


  4. Race car drivers use four and five-point harnesses because they understand the importance of full-body protection. This vital piece of technology is used in modern-day child safety seats as well.
  5. The first known wheels were not invented for transportation. Instead, they served as potter’s wheels. It wasn’t until 300 years later when someone figured out how to use them for chariots.


  6. ACDelco originated as the true GM Original Equipment parts brand and remains that way today, yet it’s also the right fit for most makes and models on the road. Plus, ACDelco offers off-road, marine and industrial equipment, proving that when you start with the original, the innovations never cease.

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