April 12, 2024

Where to buy Apple Watch in the UK


With so many combinations of Apple Watch available in the UK thanks to the different materials, sizes and straps, we thought best to round up the best Apple Watch deals and the best Apple Watch prices.

Since its launch, the Apple Watch has proved another successful addition to Apple’s arsenal. The ability to see what’s happening on your iPhone on your wrist is proving very popular to Apple users and on 21 March at an event in Cupertino, the company announced new nylon strap options to go with its existing range.

The Apple Watch is available in three editions; Watch Sport, Watch and Watch Edition. You can find out more about the Apple Watch in our Apple Watch review, but here we bring you the best Apple Watch deals in the UK, starting with how to buy all three editions direct from Apple, as well as a round up of the current best price deals in the UK on certain models.

If you want to buy a Watch directly from Apple, it’ll always be for the RRP, the company doesn’t ever host sale prices on its official site. The only time the price will change is if it changes the RRP. However, buying from Apple guarantees you a brand new product with access to Apple’s customer service options and extended warranties.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money on what is an expensive item, we’ve found some excellent UK deals from the likes of Currys, John Lewis and Amazon, which you can jump straight to here.

Best Apple Watch deals: Where to buy an Apple Watch direct from Apple in the UK

Apple Watch Sport (first of three options)

Apple dropped the price of the Watch Sport on 21 March to £259 for the 38mm option and £299 for the 42mm option. This is the price for all options whether choosing a Sport Band or Woven Nylon strap.

  • All the 38mm options of the Apple Watch Sport can be bought from Apple for £259.
  • All the 42mm options of the Apple Watch Sport can be bought from Apple for £299.

Apple Watch (second of three options)

The middle tier edition, simply called Watch, is priced slightly higher because it comes housed in either a stainless steel or space black case. It also has different pricing depending on the size of face (38mm or 42mm) and type of strap you choose. There’s Classic Buckle, Modern Buckle, Leather Loop, Woven Nylon, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet and Sport Band.

  • All the 38mm options of the Apple Watch can be bought from Apple starting at £479.
  • All the 42mm options of the Apple Watch can be bought from Apple starting at £519.

French fashion brand Hermès also has a line of the second tier Watch, but they are priced higher thanks to its handmade leather straps being used. These start from £1,000 and act as a price-gap bridge to the luxury Watch Edition.

  • All the 38mm and 42mm options of the Apple Watch Hermès can be bought from Apple starting at £1,000.

Apple Watch Edition (third of three options)

Apple also sells a rather luxurious version called the Apple Watch Edition. The bottom line here is that the base model in the line costs £8,000. You read that correctly, it’s eight thousand. However, products such as the MacBook Pro were once considered very high end but now are widely bought by many demographics, so it’s not outside the realms of possibility that the high end Watch Edition will become more widely bought in the future.

  • All the 38mm and 42mm options of the Apple Watch Edition can be bought from Apple starting at £8,000.


Best Apple Watch deals: Round up of the best UK deals

So that’s how Apple sells its own product, but what about other retailers? At present, the savings on offer from others have been dented slightly thanks to Apple’s March 2016 price drop on the Apple Watch Sport, however there are several options available to buy an Apple Watch brand new in the UK.

Best Apple Watch deals: Currys

Currys offers several iterations of the Watch – after all, with three versions plus two sizes and all those straps, there are many. Most cost the same as buying through Apple:

  • Apple Watch Sport 38mm with Sports Band – Space Grey & Black, £259.
  • Apple Watch Sport 42mm with Sports Band – Space Grey & Black, £299.

However, there are currently some Apple Watch models in Curry’s Clearance sale, with up to £20 off like this 38mm Stainless Steel & Red model now £409 down from £459.

Best Apple Watch deals: John Lewis

John Lewis is also offering several colour variations of the 38mm and the 42mm Apple Watch Sport for £259 and £299 respectively.

Best Apple Watch deals: Amazon

Amazon can sometimes be a bit of a minefield for tech purchases, but it’s selling the Apple Watch Sport 42mm with Sports Band – Space Grey & Black for £289.99, which is a £10 saving on the new March 2016 price.

Best Apple Watch deals: eBay

eBay offers a curated page of several Apple Watch deals, but it is constantly updated on a day to day basis. The page is worth looking at for various deals and can be found here – but be mindful of the ability of people to sell below quality goods over eBay. For more information, check out our guide on how to spot a fake Apple Watchfrom a hundred paces.

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