March 24, 2023

Apple is turning to an old friend to run its car project


While rumours surrounding Apple are usually monopolised by the upcoming iPhone, a much bigger project is also reportedly in the works.

Project Titan, as it is apparently known in-house, is the codename for Apple’s car works – although there’s been despite no public acknowledgement by the company itself.

With the Cupertino giant reportedly aiming to make the vehicle available by 2021, it has now enlisted former long-time executive Bob Mansfield to help navigate the way.


That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, who indicate Mansfield, who left Apple’s board in 2013, will lead the company’s car ambitions in a similar capacity to the engineering teams he forged to create the MacBook Air, iMac and iPad.

Apple reportedly has hundreds of employees working on the project, hiring experts from the automobile industry as well as those working in battery technology and autonomous driving.

Whether the fresh role for Mansfield means Titan will now move at an accelerated rate remains to be seen, but the autonomous car revolution presents difficult timing for Apple to potentially enter the market.

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