April 18, 2024

The Apple Pencil could be about to get a big upgrade – and no, it’s not a Troll pencil topper


If you own an iPad Pro, you’ll be familiar with Apple’s first foray into the smart stylus game.

Well, the Apple Pencil isn’t only limited in its innovation, but it’s also only functional with the high-end tablet.

But that could be about to change because of a new patent grant which means the Apple Pencil can work on devices other than the iPad Pro.

More specifically, as the picture below shows, the patent shows the Pencil working with a future version of the Mac’s Magic Trackpad.


While this could obviously have its uses for the iMac, a future pencil may also be workable on the MacBook’s trackpad, too.

The company is also working on developing a next-generation Apple Pencil that can work with in-air gestures. This would, for example, allow users to control slides in a Keynote presentation using the device.


Like with all patents, there’s no guarantee on whether we will ever see this technology come to light.

But with Apple’s take on the stylus almost a year old, and lots of improvement needed, it would be a surprise if these changes weren’t eventually introduced.

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