April 1, 2023

iOS 10 will tell you when your phone’s Lightning port is too wet


While Samsung and many other smartphone brands will give you a reprieve if you happen to drop your phone in your Jacuzzi or indoor swimming pool, Apple has yet to bring the feature to its iPhone.

With its upcoming iOS 10, though, you’ll at least be notified when the handset’s Lightning port is getting too wet. In theory, this should allow you to pull it out of the sink before any irreparable damage is done.

The feature was discovered in the phone’s most recent beta, with it seemingly compatible with the newer iPhones like the 6s, 6s Plus and SE.

While unconfirmed, the inclusion of this warning could also point to the next iPhone instalment not featuring waterproof technology, as there would be no need to bring it to the latest iOS if the newest phone solved the problem. And usually, previous models aren’t prioritised in software updates.

Leaks and rumours have also yet to link the iPhone 7 with water resistance, and the Lightning port is expected to become even more essential with the removal of a headphone jack.

It’s all speculative at this stage, but the changes to iOS, detailed in the video above, will seemingly offer a fresh take on the iPhone even if the handset itself appears to be a dull upgrade.

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