March 20, 2023

Move data between devices with this USB/Lightning thumb drive


When it comes to storing important data, our iPhones have become just as critical as our computers. It’s easy enough to plug your phone into your desktop or laptop, but sometimes that isn’t an option. When you need to free up space on your phone while on the go, having an alternative way to store and transfer data is a big plus.

That’s what the iKlips Dual-Interface Drive does, offering 32 gigs of additional storage and an easy way to move data back and forth. Right now you can get one for just $55 at Cult of Mac Deals.

This MFi-certified flash drive securely stores music, photos, TV shows, documents and other key files straight from any iOS device or computer using a free app. Simply attach the iKlips drive to your iPhone or iPad and you will instantly expand its capacity, making space-intensive tasks like streaming a lot less of a strain on your device’s internal memory. It’s super-slim and sturdy, meaning it can be safely stowed when not in use.

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