March 28, 2023

Nokia’s VR camera just got a huge discount


Thanks to technology companies harnessing the power of virtual reality, the real world continues to lose more and more humans each day.

Nokia – the same company that provided just about everyone with the affordable and loveable brick phones in the early noughties – wants in on VR, but apparently won’t operate under the same business model for its virtual reality camera.

The good news is that it’s cut the price of its professional Ozo VR camera by over £11,000. But you should know that it would usually be around £45,000, and typically being bought by studios like Disney or sporting bodies such as UEFA.

Gearing up the hype for the Chinese launch of the device, though, the company is (kind of) giving you a glimmer of hope of affording the seriously pricey product.

While, of course, the move is being made to lure potential industry into buying the camera, maybe this is also an admission from Nokia that it priced us regular VR aficionados out of the Ozo fun.

Either way, you’ll still have to save a fair amount of pennies before getting your hands on this one.

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