May 21, 2024

First 167 Cars For ‘Forza Motorsport 7’ Revealed (Updated)


Back at E3, Turn 10 Studios bragged about the list of playable cars within the upcoming Forza Motorsport 7, specifically that it will include the largest collection of Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghini models within a single racing game. In order to get fans excited, Turn 10 released a portion of the game’s car lineup today, and it does indeed feature a plethora of vehicles from “The Big Three” manufacturers, but it also has a few notable cars from other brands, as well.

The studio said that it will eventually have over 700 cars for Forza 7, but today’s list includes a small fraction of that–167 vehicles, to be exact. Even though the game’s cover will feature a 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the German-based company has only the second-highest number of cars on the list with 29 vehicles.

It’s Ferrari that dominates the list with 56 vehicles that range across numerous decades; the oldest vehicle in the list is the 1948 166MM Barchetta. Others in Ferrari’s lineup include the sleek 2013 LaFerrari and the 1990 Scuderia Ferrari 641, which was used by Formula 1 driving legends Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell.

As for Lamborghini, the Italian-based manufacturer enters the game with only 18 cars. Other major brands in the revealed list include Aston Martin (14 cars), Lotus (14 cars), McLaren (13 cars), Pagani (4 cars), and Bugatti (2 cars). You can take a look at the full list of revealed cars on Xbox Wire.

Each week, Turn 10 will reveal more cars up until the game’s early release on September 29, when it will become available to those who pre-ordered the Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition variant. For everyone else, it will be available on October 2. Aside from the initial E3 announcement, we were also treated to an in-depth look at the game during the show where the developers talked more about Forza 7‘s new features, as well as its PC-specific aspects.

NameForza Motorsport 7
TypeRacing, Simulation
DeveloperTurn 10 Studios
PublisherMicrosoft Studios
PlatformsPC (Windows 10), Xbox One, Xbox One X
Where To BuyMicrosoft Store
Release Date
  • September 29, 2017 (Ultimate Edition)
  • October 2, 2017

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