May 21, 2024

Are you using Google Allo?


Recently, Google unveiled a new feature for one of its messaging apps, Allo, that allows users to create animated cartoon stickers of themselves. It’s a very Google solution to what other apps make really simple, but the end result is actually pretty interesting. Using a selfie you take, Allo will scan the image, use machine learning and a neural network to rework the image, and then present a sticker pack based on the artwork from artist Lamar Abrams.

It’s an in-depth approach, and very Google, but the results are certainly interesting and eye catching. What’s more, Allo users can use that digital representation of themselves in conversations to really spice things up. But it’s this feature that has me asking the most obvious question:

Are you using Google Allo?

I put Google Allo on my phone as soon as it became available, mostly because I wanted to try out Google Assistant. I have a few different messaging apps on my phone, but I’ll be perfectly honest with you here, I never intended to ask anyone I regularly talk to to adopt Allo. Mostly because there’s nothing wrong with the other apps I’m already using, and, at the time, Allo didn’t really feature anything that would make me, or them, want to switch.

As far as I can tell that really hasn’t changed. And for iOS users it will probably never change? Well, not unless Apple changes the way that applications can be designated a default app. But on Android, I think Allo might just be a matter of time for some folks. For those who want to use Allo, it might just come down to the fact that it simply doesn’t allow for SMS integration yet.

That’s what I’ve been waiting for, anyway. I imagine that Google is working on it, or at least plans on working on it to eventually release that feature, and maybe it comes Android Messages with it, too. But until then Allo just doesn’t feel like an app that will find its way to my daily routine in any capacity.

What about you, though? Are you using Google Allo on a regular basis? Have you convinced those you speak to to switch to the messaging app? Or are you waiting for that oft-requested SMS integration before you make it your default app? Let me know!

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