May 21, 2024

What do you want to see in iOS 11?


At the beginning of June, Apple is going to host its latest Worldwide Developers Conference and going to announce new things. While iOS is going to (probably) take the lion’s share of time on stage, the company has also launched new and updated platforms over the years. macOS got revitalized with a name change recently, and now there’s watchOS and tvOS to really add to the mix. Basically, Apple has a platform for just about everything now, and developers still play a huge role in making those platforms as popular as they are.

WWDC’s keynote is always buys, with Apple executives taking the stage as well as other company employees getting some time up there to talk about whatever it is they’re bringing to Apple’s devices and platforms. This year won’t be any different. There haven’t been a lot of rumors about what the company is going to bring to the newest versions of its platforms, but there does seem to be a feeling that at least iOS 11 is going to see some big changes.

So, obviously, it’s about time I ask all of you what you want to see.

I’ll just get this out of the way: As long as Apple doesn’t change Control Center all that much, aside from maybe letting me change the bottom row of quick launch apps (I really don’t want the calculator down there anymore), and adding some more 3D Touch options (I am trying to use this feature more often), I will be a happy camper. And while I think it’s about time that iOS allowed users to change their default apps, I don’t think that’s going to happen so I’m not going to get caught up on it too much.

It’s a strange thing, at least it feels like it, with only a little week left to go before a new version of a major platform is revealed, that I don’t really have anything I feel is desperately needed. It does make it a little exciting, though, considering the rumor mill has been pretty quiet on this front, so whatever Apple does announce might actually be a surprise for once.

Or maybe the rumors are quiet because there’s not much to talk about. That’s almost depressing.

Anyway, I’m more curious to hear what you might have to say about Apple’s mobile operating system. That includes from both sides of the camp: The iOS users out there and the folks who aren’t using Apple’s platform. For the former group, what do you want to see Apple add to the mobile OS you use every day? What could make iOS 11 the best version of Apple’s platform to date in your opinion?

And for those of you out there who have stayed away from iOS, or maybe who have used it in the past and switched away, what do you think Apple could bring to iOS that would get you to switch over or come back? Anything at all? Let me know!

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