May 19, 2024

You don’t need a lawyer to create legally binding documents


We live in the age of freelancing and side gigs, which means lots of contracts and agreements that need to be legally solid. Used to be you’d hire a lawyer to create documents that would pass legal muster — or at least a pen and paper for an official John Hancock. But this is the future, and we don’t need analog documents or lawyers for handling binding agreements.

These paperless possibilities are epitomized by Eversign. If you’re a digital professional, you might have encountered the company before. Maybe it was while registering to get paid, or signing up a new vendor.

Eversign’s platform for creating, signing and filing official documents almost feels strange at first. Surely there’s a catch to signing a document on a mobile device or over the internet?

Create legal documents with Eversign

Turns out it really is that simple. Use Eversign, and whether you draw your signature, type it or upload a scan of your actual handwriting, just clicking “accept & sign” yields a bona fide, legally binding agreement.

If you’re running a business, this is an incredibly useful platform for internal or client-facing documents. Eversign is designed to integrate with any applications or services that you or your business use. It’s also secure — everything is guarded with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Whether it’s financial, legal, sales, HR or any other department with an established paperflow, Eversign offers a set of templates you can draw from. Or you can create your own: Just upload an existing document (PDF, Word doc, etc.) and prepare it using a feature-rich but straightforward document editor.

You can create anything from NDAs and vendor or employment contracts to engagement letters or power of attorney agreements. Everything can be synced to the cloud and integrated with existing applications thanks to a comprehensive REST API.

Eversign works on any device, making sales, vendor, contract and almost any other kind of legal document a paperless and painless affair.

Eversign can help businesses large and small

If you’re a freelancer, a small business, even (maybe especially) a large enterprise, taking paper out of the agreements process can be a huge time-saver. In addition to reducing the amount of paperwork to be done, a platform like Eversign can dramatically accelerate sales, proposal approvals and the all-important closing of deals.

It’s good for the bottom line and for the environment. That’s why we recommend taking a look at Eversign to see if it can help you or your business save time, energy and paper.

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