May 20, 2024

Microsoft’s new iOS camera uses AI to spice up photos


Microsoft is the latest tech giant to get in on the craze of fun camera apps like Snapchat, which are currently all the rage among teens.

The company’s new app, Sprinkles, launched today on iOS as a featured app. While it looks like just another Snapchat wannabe on the outside, Microsoft threw in some crazy AI technology that makes it easier than ever to create and share silly photos.

Sprinkles offers users a number of number of tools to decorate photos beyond simple emoji stickers. Using Microsoft’s machine learning, Sprinkles can detect faces, suggest captions, find your celebrity look-a-like, guess your age and more.

Like Snapchat, the free app uses facial recognition to place decorations like mustaches and hats on your head. You can also search through the library of free stickers.

The entire premise of Sprinkles is to let people create a “fun” image in seconds. All you need to do is select your picture from your camera roll, then swipe through the different suggestions.

Some of the suggestions are better than others. Suggestions can be down-voted, but it doesn’t bring up new ones. If you don’t like Sprinkles’ ideas, you can customize the picture to your liking and then share it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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