May 22, 2024

This online course has everything you need to become a web-development pro from home

What’s better than a great job as a web developer? A great job as a web developer that you can do without putting on pants.

Such is the magic of being a freelance web developer. If that sounds appealing, a great way to start down that path is the Freelance Web Developer Bundle.

This collection of eight courses from top instructors has two components: It will give you an education in the nuts-and-bolts of web development, and also offers business advice for setting out on your own.

You’ll learn how to build responsive web pages, make your own trivia game from scratch using Javascript, discover how to construct data-heavy sites with PHP and MySQL, create your first iPhone app, and even jump into mobile game development with SpriteKit. Finally, a freelance business course will teach you how to leverage your skill set and break into the world of independent freelance development.

This bundle has been reduced in price from $792 down to just $25—and now you can take an additional 15 percent off by entering the code BYESUMMER at checkout.

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