April 12, 2024

Apple announces its Best of 2016 lists; Prisma named top iPhone app


Every year Apple releases a list of what it thinks are the highlights for the year, including things top music, apps, movies, TV, and so on. Well, folks, the Best of 2016 list has finally been released.

Perhaps the most interesting title to show up on the lists is Prisma, a photo editing tool Apple has deemed the iPhone App of the Year. The app is free and was awarded the prize because of its beautiful design and top photo editing features, especially for a mobile app.

Prisma wasn’t the only app on the list. Also making an appearance are Clash Royale, which was named the iPhone Game of the Year, and Sketchbook Motion, which was awarded the title of iPad App of the Year. It’s interesting that Clash Royale was named Game of the Year, especially considering the popularity of cultural phenomenon Pokémon Go.

As mentioned, apps are just one of the lists that Apple releases. When it comes to music, Drake claimed top album and song spots with Views. The Hamilton soundtrack also claimed the honor of top-selling album, as well as Adele’s 25.

When it comes to movies, Deadpool claimed the Best Blockbuster spot, while Star Wars: The Force Awakens unsurprisingly was the top seller of the year.

TV shows also made an appearance in Apple’s lists. Game of Thrones was the top seller for the year, American Crime Story claimed the title of  This Year’s Obsession.

According to Apple, podcasts hit a pretty big milestone this year. Around the world, Apple customers consumed 10 billion podcast downloads and streams. The top downloaded podcast of the year was NPR’s Fresh Air.

Last but not least is iBooks and HomegoingEvicted, and Born to Run all claimed top spots on the platform.


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